Without Lipscomb...

This event would definitely not be happening. More specifically, the department of Psychology, Counseling & Family Science has made this event possible through their generous contributions, advice, and partnership. We couldn't speak higher of their team and commitment to helping those who suffer form mental illness, whether that be through this conference or the amazing educational opportunities they offer. 

About Lipscomb

Lipscomb was founded in Nashville, Tenn., in 1891 by two individuals–David Lipscomb and James A. Harding–who believed that a truly educated individual of their time could not be so without attention given to spiritual growth as well as academics. In addition to providing counseling services to all Lipscomb University Students, recently the department opened the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center. The Lipscomb Family Therapy Center's mission is to serve the mental health and relationship care needs of individuals, couples, and families in the Nashville community. LFTC provides a comfortable and confidential therapy setting to discuss issues you may be struggling with. Seeking help at the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center shows strength and a personal commitment to becoming a healthier person.


We aim to help patients and their families get the drug and alcohol addiction treatment they need and deserve. We do so by providing evidence-based treatments along with dual diagnosis to address co-occurring mental health issues and root out the underlying triggers causing the patient to abuse substances. Our care goes beyond addiction cessation to offer practical skills required to re-enter everyday life successfully. We impart the value of good nutrition, exercise, social connectivity and spiritual grounding to set the stage for lifelong recovery. We know the importance of connection when it comes to recovery which is why we created JourneyPure Coaching™ to help patients and their support teams work together to prevent relapse.