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Mental Health Administration: Treatment Planning Your Practice

Erica Kesse

Are you struggling with getting paid and providing quality care to your clients? Do you secretly think your practice would be better if you could just practice and have someone else handle the business component? Are you having problem with retaining and obtaining clients? Are you working in a community agency and burn out is imminent, yet you do not know the first step in starting a practice? Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxiety regarding your career and considering walking away from your passion?

Building a successful practice is tough work especially if business skills are not taught in your counseling program. You learn your therapeutic approach and discover the specialties that appeal to you, yet do not learn how to write a business plan, how to obtain clients, how to retain clients, and how to accentuate your reputation.

The skills needed to counsel people are transferrable to building your practice. In this presentation, we hone in on the very recognizable skill of treatment planning, which is, one in the same as, strategic planning. Each counselor understands the skill of treatment planning with your client. Now, it is time to change your perspective and consider your practice as a client.