Lee Pepper

Lee is Chief Marketing Officer for Foundations Recovery Network (FRN).  FRN operates inpatient and outpatient treatment centers including Michael’s House in Palm Springs, The Canyon in Malibu, La Paloma in Memphis and Black Bear Lodge near Atlanta.  He joined FRN in 2008 where he led the transition from traditional referral, yellow pages and paid marketing campaigns to a web and social media strategy. This shift has transformed FRN into an industry leader within behavioral healthcare and includes their annual conferences, Moments of Change and Innovations in Recovery as well the word of mouth movement Heroes in Recovery  

Five years ago he was inspired to create Heroes in Recovery after reading a report from SAMHSA that 23 million American needed help for addiction and mental health struggles and only 4 million a year were seeking it. 

FRN is committed to removing the stigma around addiction thereby lowering the barriers to treatment and getting those 19 millions American to seek help somewhere.  This movement has since spawned a nationwide run/walk series called Hereos6Ks, a story sharing website, HeroesInRecovery.com and has been integrated into the Foundations treatment model and their alumni program. 

Lee started his career working on Ross Perot’s Presidential campaigns and later moved to Perot’s information technology company Perot Systems. He later worked for a digital music startup in Nashville before joining FRN. 

Lee also spent eight years in the U.S. Army Reserves, completing Air Assault School and Officer Candidate School and finishing his service as an armor officer. In 2009, Lee took up triathlons and running and has now finished 25 triathlons, including two Ironman finishes. Lee is married to artist Jennifer Pepper and has two sons, Miles and Cy. You can follow him on Twitter @plpepper.